I had received this Christmas card from Giselle, one of the owners of a truly lovely hotel in St. Remy, France. I’ve been meaning to post this for ages, and now, in the depth of winter when some of us (you know who you are….) are thinking ahead to perhaps spending some time in the South of France this summer, I thought you might enjoy it!

Hotel Sous les Figuiers is in the heart of St. Remy: everything is within easy walking distance. The picture above, in the header of my blog, was taken at breakfast on the terrace!

Sous les Figuiers

Here are some scenes of the hotel, taken on our last trip there in 2008:

Huge fig trees everywhere, and if you’re really lucky and there in the right season, the figs are yours for the picking just outside your door! Giselle and Co. also make their own fig jam for sale and it is superb!


Sous les 2

And on the streets of St. Remy: