It’s January: it’s winter, it’s dark and there is no color, right?  Wrong!
Here is what I found yesterday at my local farm/garden market. Moral of this story: always carry your camera!

Veggies 2



Yellow Pkg

These below were my absolute favorites: from Italy. The colors, the graphics and even the SIZE of the package is fabulous. As designers, we are always told to remember the color on the shelf: that is a large part of what sells a product. And here it couldn’t be truer. Now, also, take a look at the contemporary graphics: the veggie icons are, quite literally, outside the box. In each case, they extend outside an inner box, and also bleed off an edge or two. Scroll down to see some seed packets from the 1930’s: we’ve come a long way, baby!


Veggies 1

Yel Pepper

I had bought a huge collection of these at BrimfieldSeed Packets scan 

And they became a set of dessert plates! (combined with crate labels)Seed packets plates


How about these gourds? I had never seen anything like this! Great idea for some craft projects….

Gourds 1 

Gourds 2

Gourds 3

Moving right along down the aisles: even the accoutrements of gardening are colorful!


Garden Gloves

Watering cans 2



And finally, for a totally different take on color: some neutral cachepots. 

Pots 1 

Pots 2