Some fun ideas for throw pillows!

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How fun are these: The “Hit It” collection from Kai Linke. Totally safe and made of foam!

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<p>These aren’t 3-D, but aren’t they gorgeous? From <a href=Fabricadabra, they are Dutch Wax Prints. Read about them on the site: they are actually made in Africa and imported to the Netherlands. The colors are so vibrant and the designs so contemporary; love them….Fabricadabra is owned by Donna Halloran who, a few years ago, decided to turn away from the “corporate habitrail” and go out on her own.

Dutch wax print Dutch wax print 2

Dutch wax print 3 Dutch wax print 4

What’s your choice? I will definitely be doing more stories on pillows … and even show you some before and after stories from my own house. Throw pillows are SUCH a good way to change the color story in a room, or just on a sofa or chair. They can make or break a “vignette” in your house. I think all too often we become immune to these small details: you know, you’ve had that pillow for five, ten…years and YOU don’t see it anymore. But someone coming into your house surely DOES! Maybe it’s time for a change!