It’s that time of year, once again, when you really MUST think about what in the world you are going to give… whoever it is on your list! Yes, there are people for whom only the most specific present will do: you know, and they know, exactly what they want. But….. there are others for whom it is a little more difficult to choose and buy. But of course, I think, that’s half the fun! Oh the catalogs that arrive at our house: the usual suspects, of course, but then…. like a gift itself, one day you come home and there, in the pile, is a new, never before seen catalog! Heaven! I savor each and every one, just as my husband bemoans each and every one. But no, he does not DARE throw them away!!! (thank goodness)

Does anyone else out there feel this way? Do you actually enjoy getting these soon-to-be-recycled catalogs? I’m always torn as to whether to cut out a page, or an item, if it’s something I want to file for my work. I guess I actually prefer to keep the catalog/magazine intact… and, if I am REALLY organized, I might get stickies to mark pages.

Magazines 002a
But then again, those stacks really add up! So, back we go to tearing and cutting up and filing, and hoping that wonderful piece of inspiration isn’t falling into a black hole.

This is all a very long lead in to this present idea I saw yesterday on Etsy! It’s one of those general category kind of gifts… which is apt to become an “oh, I need one of these for myself too….” gifts! And, I think I really DO need one (or more) of these!

How about this from lettergirl press: wonderful hand made stamp pads! They are self-inking; the type and the embellishments all look so handmade and original…

A perfect present… and buy one for yourself too…




After looking at these, I started searching for other stamp/letter/engraving ideas; something different…and came upon this idea: hand made stamps...the post office, official-use kind.These are called Letterpress Custom Postage stamps. I had no idea you could design your own stamps and actually use them!


And yet another great idea: From PSA Essentials : “Peel And Stick Stamps”. Here you choose and order the die-cut stamp body, the address on the outside of the final stamp. Then, you can interchange the image on the inside. You can get the Holiday series, or switch to “Cupcake” or “Love” or any in their listing.

Here’s the “Holiday” series:

Psa essentials