It’s SUCH a wonderful idea: temporary wall art ! What could be easier and more fun? I’ve been watching these gain in popularity… have seen them in booths at the New York Gift Show for the last few years, as well as in several catalogs (“Cambria Cove” comes to mind). THEN, when I saw them in a huge display in Paris at BHV, I KNEW they had “arrived”! These are all from Nouvelles Images. I’ve searched for the best, and most extensive, resources for you on line and the one that stands out is Luxury Touches Decor. They have the best selection I can find, so take a look. 

Here are some of my personal favorites. I think this holiday design is fabulous! If it weren’t so late in the season, I would order it… well, next year!

Wall Stickers 4

Wall Stickers 3

Wall Stickers 1

Wall Stickers 2

Wall Stickers 6

Wall Stickers 7