To step away from all the holiday hoopla, just for a moment, let’s focus on another local, hand crafted subject: food. This time it is the planning, planting, growing, tending, harvesting and ultimately, the giving, of food.

Gaining Ground farm is in Concord, Mass. and was recently visited by Alice Waters. This farm is very, very unusual, and is very successful…with five employees and hundreds of volunteers, it grows AND gives away all its food. The farm’s mission is to provide free fresh fruits and vegetables to those who can least afford them.”

To find out more about the farm and Alice Waters’ visit, click here...


Now, to be totally up front about this story, I have to tell you: my brother is the Treasurer of said organization and has worked the farm, in many and various capacities, for many years. He is truly one of its biggest fans and supporters! Here are just a few of his pictures of the farm and activities there:

Here is a picture, from their website, of the main site with garden:


GG 1

A young volunteer:

GG 2

“The Pavillion”:

GG 3 

View in the autumn:

GG 4