Before I begin, let me say that FINALLY I learned how to put images on my sidebars!!  The colorful image at the left here is, you may recall if you followed me on my old Blogger Blog, from St. Remy, France.  I have been trying to do this, on and mostly off, for months: uploading an image, getting (I thought) the right code, save, preview,……. and then nothing would show up. Thanks to my new “advisor” Nicole and the Help team at Typepad, VICTORY!  So you will be seeing more images in the future.

I had told my friends on Twitter that I was doing a Christmas giftwrap and card project this weekend. Hmmmm. Time gets away from you, right? 

Here are some of the preliminaries, gathered last Friday afternoon:




Here are some old, antique wood-cut alphabet stamps I bought at Brimfield a few years ago. They have come in very handy for many different projects……


Sorry, that’s all for now! To be continued…… with final products!