You saw all my assembled goodies yesterday and here are the results!

Hey, this was fun! Very time consuming, but fun. Now, I am not really a craft person… I get too impatient for all the steps involved. I want RESULTS and I want them right away. I tend to cut corners! I make do where others would delve deeper! No matter: I DID get results that I am actually happy with!

I used, among other things: glitter stickers, stamps both handmade and purchased, ribbon, old documents torn up, various textured papers (also torn), pinking scissors, Valspar spray paint, Krylon spray adhesive, tubes of acrylic paint, silver and gold inks….. I think that’s about it.

Here’s the “collection”, finished this evening:

Final 16

This one was especially fun, with torn documents and glue. I found that working with small gift bags was a great way to experiment and I could do different designs on front and back. Here I first sprayed metallic silver, lightly, all over the bag and handles, then started glueing.

Final Present 1

I love this one with the flimsy green straw kind of paper glued down, then some red stars stamped. I did this one to fit the box.

Final Present 2

Below you can see how I’ve used those wooden stamp blocks found at Brimfield. This worked well using acrylics; just had to lay out a huge section of white paper and keep it flat!

Craft Project 1

Craft Project 2

I made this bag specifically for the Pantone mug I am giving to a designer friend.

Craft Project 3

Finally, here are more presents, assorted, that are in my ever growing pile!

Final 6

You can see on these two the spray painted silver and copper, then stamped stars.

Final 8

I love these colors below:

Final 7

Final 13


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