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I have a special part of my garden set aside for dahlias…. not just any dahlias, but the tall kind with dark red flowers and dark green leaves. These dahlias have come down in my famiily: yes, these very same tubers are the descendents of dahlias grown both in Maine and Philadelphia! Each fall, after the first frost, they are very carefully prepared for their winter “sleep”. This process can vary a bit: sometimes they are surrounded by peat moss, some years by garden dirt, some years almost bare.. and then put either in a dry attic, or temperate shed, or basement. And, sometimes, in the spring when I go to wake them up, the tubers have turned to mush…not quite sure why this happens some years, and not in others. Does anyone have hints on wintering dahlias? Any particular varieties that you like?

So, here’s the time sequence:

May 23:

Garden 5.23

June 17:

Dahlia Garden 6.19

July 14: (With lavender and then nasturtiums)

Dahlia Garden 7:14

August 3: ( A few cosmos have snuck in there on the left!)

Dahlia Garden8.3

August 29:


And finally: here they are as cut flowers!

In Vase

Dahlias 1