I don’t usually post news of my “other” business: that of being a licensing rep for several artists!  However, it IS what I do most of the time, and the wonderful artists I represent work very, very hard to make it all happen… So, in honor of all of them, I will post, from time to time, news of what they (we) are doing! You will find a complete link to my licensing business up above: “Licensing”.

This from MOSSY BROOK STUDIO: “Cornucopia” and “Harvest Time”. This is the original artwork submitted to Creative Converting about a year ago. Then, late last winter, we learned that Target was interested in these designs. Yes, it took several months to finally be a “done deal”, but by May we had the contract signed for two separate collections.

Harvest Time

And here are two shots I took last week at my local Target:

Target 2rev

Target 3rev If you are a manufacturer and interested in these designs for other product applications, please contact me