Here is a story about our refrigerator… yes, our trusty, never-once-repaired fridge. Twenty five years of good, reliable service. Well, it was just outdated… seriously so. And, it was consuming more, much more, of its share of electricity. They say (is this true??) that it was costing us about $27 a month to run the old Hotpoint model. Scroll down to see the newly arrived stainless-steel-doors model! And this will cost us a grand total of $40 a year! So, there you have it; not to mention, of course, that it looks oh so much sleeker and up to date!

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And now, the NEW: with enclosed coils in back, see-through drawers, much more space on the door, and both doors that are magnetized so we don’t have to push and pull and maybe come down in the morning to realize same door had been open every so slightly all night!

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Two years ago we (had) painted the kitchen walls the most wonderful green:  Benjamin Moore “Pear Green”, # 2028-49. No, this swatch DOES NOT do it justice, but next time you’re in the BM store, take a look. We don’t have much wall space in our kitchen, but with one wall, then the soffits, and a small section of another wall, this green looks so fresh and clean with the white cabinets. I’m also about to buy polka dot knobs and handles for all the doors and drawers!

Pear Green

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Suggestsions for cleaning stainless steel??