Do you use a flash drive? I use mine all the time (I carry files from my Mac at work to my PC laptop at home).I know, you may be wondering what I am doing with both systems…I had been a total PC person for many, many years, then almost two years ago my big, cumbersome, clunky monitor began to squeak and squeal so badly that it was definitely time to find a new one. Well….. what about changing to a new Mac? I actually had the funds to do it, and, as it turned out, the time to make the transition. Let me tell you: it was QUITE a transition! Do not let anyone in the Mac store tell you it is easy! I am fairly computer competent… and I had many days with tears and long, long phone calls to Apple. However, after about six months I too became a convert!  I love my 24″ screen and the ease of dragging files, filing, opening programs, I Photo, syncing with my IPod and IPhone etc. etc.

But, at home, I had just bought a new laptop which is a Lenovo PC. Why? It has huge storage capacity, and, best of all, it weighs less than 3 lbs., with a 12″ screen. In case you hadn’t noticed, I do travel quite a bit, and yes, this is just SO easy to take out for airport screening, it fits on that miniscule table at your seat on the plane, and is all-round easy to use.

Thus, my need to transport from one computer, and system, to another. There, I just made a long story even longer…

Well, here’s a really colorful, fun way to transport your files!  The Pantone Flash Drive!



They come in fourteen, that’s 14, colors, and vary in storage size from 1GB to 16 GB! Now, I have lately acquired a passion for the color orange, so that is the color I am ordering…