Take a look: Click here for the first on-line issue of the brand new “Lonny” magazine!


It’s only on-line; no print. Thus, overhead is low and there is no limit to page count each month! I found it tricky to navigate and to enlarge the pages to be able to read the print, and then to move on to the next page. But, once you get the hang of it, it’s great! So much here to see!!

Michelle Adams, Editor in Chief, comes from the wonderful-but-no-longer Domino magazine. With print magazines having such a difficult time (see earlier post re. Gourmet!), maybe this is the future. I’ve been receiving manufacturer’s catlogs on line for some time now and think they are wonderful: it’s so easy to see the entire line offered, then zero in on what products interest me. You can save the bookmark and come back to it later….

Here are some stories that have run recently, heralding the arrival of Lonny: This from Design Sponge; another from NPR’s Blog of the Nation; and Home and Garden Buzz. So take a look and see for yourself!