I am looking for a new camera! I’ve had a Sony Cyber-Shot  for several years. Yes, I’m happy with it, generally…. but it definitely does NOT do zoom and close-up shots very well (has a 3x Optical Zoom). I can’t get in very close, or I lose the detail. The color is actually quite good. But then again, every time you turn it on there is high pitched riiiiiiing, a sort of trill, that at best is annoying, and at worst (as in a museum) embarrassing. Then again, it DOES have a view finder which I find just about invaluable. My old camera only had the LCD screen and if the light is too bright, you can have such trouble viewing the screen. 

Ok:  so what does everyone think? Please, send me your thoughts and suggestions! I’ve had one very helpful suggestion from my friend Sue (thank you!). I dread plowing through all those techie internet sites, so any shortcut i.e. suggestion would be welcome!