From one of my most favorite furniture desIgners and retailers: Maine Cottage. They have been selected to “do” the Charleston Designer Showhouse! This will be open to the public from March 18 – April 18, 2010. Below is part of their press release.

So, who wants to go?We could do a design trip down to Charleston!  Have you ever been?  It’s fabulous. I went once, just about this same time of year. Just so beautiful and full of TONS of design ideas…. not to mention what a “foodie” town it is. Here is one of the many, many sites about Charleston, “Where History Lives”.

Seriously, I will be glad to organize a group! Even as I write this, I’m thinking of ideas and things to do there, and side trips, and color inspiration. The markets, the trips out of town, the restaurants, the waterfront: we could include anything you want….. So, think about it! There are lots of hotels; we stayed in a small cottage just blocks from the waterfront…

Maine Cottaged

Here is the press release as PDF.

In case you’re not familiar with Maine Cottage, here are some pictures of their furniture, fabrics, and colors:





Now, aren’t these JUST WONDERFUL? For anyone who loves color, this IS IT!

And here, TA DA!!!!, is what I consider to be Maine Cottage’s “crown jewel”:   the video titled “Finding Rhubarb” featuring their designer Anita Dore. It is a remarkable video and has been inspirational in my love of color.