I was just getting my thoughts together for the post about Kindle, when yesterday I opened Abby Nova’s post of September 18 : “What’s On Your Bookshelf”!  Very timely indeed.

I have been watching, debating and talking about the Kindle. A very good friend adores hers; she’s had it for a few years now. I don’t know…it’s not so much the absence of actually holding a book that I wonder about, no, it’s having to hold this techie, mechanical thing that bothers me. How do you actually hold it? Do you need two hands? Can it rest on your lap? Or chair arm? Or, lying in bed ( probably my most favorite place to read) do you hold it, or put a cushion under it? Is it so light that you hold it with one hand… but then again, that would become tiring after a while.  So many questions. I do think it would be nice to have several books available all at once. I’m going to California on Wednesday: how convenient to have all (well, some…) of my books available for the flights and my time out there. Doctors offices! Now there’s a place that would be great to have a Kindle.

One truly great thing about Kindle is the ability to download any sort of reading material. New York Times, Wall Street Journal, HFN: you name it, you can get it instantaneously and anywhere. Yes, I can get them on the IPhone, but that screen is small and not conducive to reading long articles. Plus, you are dependent on the Internet: with Kindle you can download say, at the airport, then read while on the plane.

Hmmm. Maybe I’ve made my case! They have come down in price!  Comments?