Oh my goodness, or OMG, as they say…. I made the original Coq au Vin last Friday evening.   


WHAT a lot of work…. from the bacon, to the onions, to the roux. I hosted a “ladies night” last night and we went French. Thought of a chocolate souffle for dessert but decided that was just a little TOO decadent! Instead, I made the divine chocolate sauce from Maida Heatter:  you know, the kind that, if you cook it the full time, will become so hard when it hits the ice cream, and then you mouth, that you just might lose a tooth! No, I don’t cook it that long, so it’s nice and creamy… Here is the newest edition of this book: “Maida Heatter’s Book Of Great Desserts”.  I have a very old, original paperback edition, from 1965. It is so….. doggeared, stained and fragile that I hesitate to bring it off the shelf. Luckily, my Mother also has(had) the book, in much better condition, so she “lent” it to me!  The recipe is simply called “Hot Fudge Sauce”.

Here’s the table, before the feast!

Table final 

Table final2
We had a good time: who couldn’t with all that good food and red wine and friends!