New York in the fall:  so MUCH to see and do. Here are just a few of the places and events where you will find me:

First, on Wednesday, September 30 is the IFDA: “Desgin Dialogue: Global Trends for Tomorrow, Today”. THIS I am looking forward to! The speakers are Hermine Mariaux and Patricia Bouley. For those of you not familiar with these two, take a look at the link for IFDA. They will, among other things, be presenting their finding from Maison et Objet, which, of course, I will find very interesting… I will report to you next week.

1. Met Home Showhouse:  This is open through October 18, but unfortunately only on weekends. This year it showcases 14 designers and should provide lots of food for thought…

2. Museum of Art and Design:  “Slash: Paper Under the Knife” which opens October 7th, 2009. This exhibit “takes the pulse of the international art world’s renewed interest in paper as a creative medium
and source of artistic inspiration,…..”  

About a year ago I had been to MAD just after it opened and reported this in a post in an earlier, now defunct, blog:

I went recently into New York to see the new Museum of Arts and Design at 2 Columbus Circle. What an experience! It is truly wonderful and a must see for anyone involved in the visual arts. The current exhibit: Second Lives: Remixing the Ordinary is fascinating. The vinyl records, the plastic forks, the ancient Chinese water vessels, the fine china from German factories, the spools of thread: all these items, and many more, have found a second life. 

The second exhibit: Elegant Armor: The Art of Jewelry is equally wonderful (especially for those of us addicted to all forms of jewelry!). And, be aware that you are allowed to open all the drawers under the glass cases!  Sas


3. Guggenheim Museum: Kandinsky, on view until January, 2010.

4. MOMA:  The one I want to see is Monet’s “Water Lillies”.  Through April 2010.

5. DIA BEACON:  The ongoing exhibit “Imi Knoebel: 24 Colors-for Blinky, 1977″ is a must see. And anyway, this place is just beautiful: on a fall day, along the Hudson River, it is stunning.



6. State University of New York at New Paltz:  Yes, here is a surprise! Rave reviews of the museum and ALL the exhibits celebrating the Hudson River and it’s history.  Take the train, the bus, or drive up here: this is one you will NOT want to miss.