This post was actually written last September, when I was in Paris. I’m posting it again as part of The French Obsession Party!


What a subject: shopping in Paris! uh duh, you might say! Well, there is shopping, and then there is shopping…. We went this morning to the BHV store. If you’ve never been here, you MUST go when in Paris! Anything and everything for your home, for you, for your table, your windows, your desk, your walls, your bathroom, your art table… What else? well, probably anything you can name. I LOVE it. I could wander these floors for hours; I am only hampered by the poor souls with me (in this case, my daughter who finally said, ok Mom, ENOUGH!) So off we went for a lunch of rose wine and crepes.

Anyway, one of the DETAILS I came away with was their very clever little wheeling cart! Here is the back of me with the cart:


Now, this cart wheels very easily and goes up and down the escalator with no problem, and, of course, holds any of your previous purchases, or a coat, or whatever. Why, oh why can’t Bloomies have such a thing??

Here are some more colorful images from BHV also: love these spools on the “mannequin”:


And, another favorite of mine: these wonderful, handy rolling carryall bags. I see them whenever I’m here and am envious! How cool to walk the show in Atlanta with one of these!

BHV bags1

BHV bags2

And now, to finish off the evening, here are the pastries we bought at the local patisserie this afternoon on our way back to the apartment for an hour’s break: these, with a box of raspberries and another box of figs, made the most wonderful afternoon “snack”:

Pastry 1