Presentation is all, right? I mean, lots of time, money and know-how go into exactly HOW to present a product, service, place, person, or brand. Today I saw an example of just how sophisticated a presentation can be: this is the front of a restaurant in Paris. It will remain nameless for now; maybe you know it and have walked by?
Lasserre 3 

Lasserre 4 

Lasserre 1
It was stunning in its simplicity. Beautiful smooth white cement walk and stairs, same for the building facade. The grass you see here was so manicured I wonder if each and every blade was individually cut…then, indented in this gorgeous grass were cut out squares containing either twelve red apples or twelve green ones. Then, the espaliered crab apples.
While I was hanging out here, taking pictures, several other people also stopped by and, in various languages, talked about the “presentation” with an “Oh, look at that”, or “Have you ever seen anything like that?”.
Now, this is an old, established… and very, very, very expensive restaurant. We simply could not believe the prices: most entrees were about 100 euros (this is almost $150), meaning that a meal can easily be $500 per person. No, we did NOT make a reservation! 

To finish up tonight, I have an old, favorite treat: another view of the Seine! Enjoy…