I had heard about the Musee Carnavalet many times, everyone saying it is one of the gems of this city. So, today we went over toward the 3rd Arrondisement, to the rue de Sevigne (sorry, can’t get those accents to come up here..) and oh, what a total joy! First saw the gardens of the Musee Cognacq-Jay: just gorgeous
Cognacq-Jay 1


Cognacq-Jay 2
Cognacq-Jay 3

Then, just down the street was a small park:
Garden 2

Garden 1

Then the Carnavalet. This is the “museum of the history of Paris”, from Roman days through the twentieth century. It’s huge (but no, nothing like the size of the Louvre) but do-able. I concentrated on the seventeenth century, as Mme. de Sevigne fascinates me. But I highly recommend a visit here. The courtyard is quiet and peaceful; the inside a lesson in history. Both are worthwhile!

All of these places can be also be seen in the book, “Quiet Corner of Paris” which you can order on the Amazon site to the left here.

Carnavalet 1 Carnavalet 3