Here we are: (See below)  Building 5A, one of six halls/buildings of the show. This is where I started, and ended.

Oh so much to see! The home textiles were wonderful: very colorful and lots and lots of new ideas…
Even the lighting, which normally doesn’t really interest me, was great to see: much of it almost jewelry-like, using hammered metals and enormous structures. Same goes for mirrors: these were wonderful if only for their huge scale.

Colors:  well, you will have to wait on that! I’m still digesting. Suffice it to say, that no, I didn’t see much of the famous RED we’ve heard so much about. Or, maybe it’s that the red has morphed into plum.
But, color was everywhere, whether bold and bright or subdued and more eco-friendly.

Surface design: some interesting takes on texture as translated to print: lots of cross-hatching and almost wood cut feel.

Some great new furniture designs; lots of fun!

The show was packed! Even taking the train out there, more than half the people in each car got off, and as we started toward the entrance, there was really a sea of bodies…somehow you don’t see that in New York or Atlanta. I heard all languages: some English, but a lot of Italian and German.

Food service is superb! Leave it to the French…even the self serve lines had delicious sandwiches and salads (and NOT freezing cold), everyone had wine with lunch, I got one of my favorite yogurts. And, of course, the Laduree macaroons on the way out (they certainly have learned where to place that cart: just as you leave the show, front and center!).

It was showering and then raining part of the day, clearing up just as I left, so these shots are sort of gray. The evening has been beautiful, and I think the weather should hold for days now. That’s it for today.

Maison 4

Maison 5

Maison 1