Here’s the link to the show.  I had thought the actual show was right in Paris, but no, it’s out the Parc d”Exposition at Villepinte. They tell you to take the Metro and then a shuttle bus. Luckily I asked a friend who had lived over there for eight years, and been to the fair grounds, who told me no, take the RER (train) straight to the Show! Never hurts to ask.

And here is their online brochure. It is very different in so many ways from any American publication. Seems to me it appeals to a higher end consumer. I’ve read that the highest percentage of attendees for this show is Italian, then German. Americans only make up about 18% of attendees. 

I can’t find it anywhere, but I’m sure you are NOT allowed to photograph inside. That’s always a shame. But sometimes, if it’s not too busy, and I get talking to the booth people (in French, this time!) they will let me take a pic, especially with the IPhone as it doesn’t seem as much of a production…I will try.

And, of course, I will pick up any and all brochures, catalogs, whatever I can lay my hands on. Won’t be able to scan those til I get home, but you will be seeing LOTS of pictures!

Here’s the general layout of the buildings: is this HUGE or what? How will I EVER see it all????