You are probably asking: aside from color, what else did I see at Maison? 

STRIPES and more stripes and more stripes. This was the predominant surface “design”! 

Limoges had a really nice collection of dinnerware pieces: stripes of varying widths in (surprise, surprise!) plum, with two greens, chocolate and a bit of orange. It was wonderful.

Linum Textiles had stripes, either vertical or in “patchwork” squares. Plum, grayed blues, grayed greens, mushroom.


Here, as they say: “The napkin, not the Scottie!”:


Artiga, Roche, Tissage de Luz, Bayadere: all had stripes with variations of plum and gray and soft green.



And these from shops around Paris:


Also noteworthy:
A traditional style sofa covered in a gorgeous deep indigo silk with teeny “jewels” scattered around to look like constellations! Really outstanding.
A lamp that was a HUGE blowup of the traditional clip on style we all have at our art tables. But this had a base that was maybe two feet in diameter, likewise the enourmous shade. The light was at least ten feet high. Came in bright, stunning colors of grass green, brilliant red, or taxi yellow.
Mirrors: now these don’t usually grab my attention, but here they were SO oversized and so striking I couldn’t help but be amazed. The frames, of brushed nickel or gold or copper were enourmous, amorphous “frames”. These mirrors would need high ceilings and a large room indeed, but they were stunning.

Another wonderful, large exhibit was that of designer Kenneth Cobonpue of Hive


Chiquita stools

“There are 350 pieces of natural rattan poles sitting on top of a cushion, and those poles just sink softly when you sit on them. :peace: It’s comfortable. “. (from their website) It’s very comfortable; almost squishy: they let me try it!
All his furniture is made from natural fibers and products. Very innovative and certainly eye-catching.

Finally, at the entrance to Building Three, was the Nelly Rodi “ArtyTube”, a contemporary “tube” showing the work of various “Ateliers des Arts de France”: or “Art Workshops of France”, showing craftsmen, artists and manufacturers of France. The themes here were Vibrant Desert, Dolce Vita Blues, Mixed Cocktail and Tribal Song.(Once again, too bad: no pictures allowed) There was jewelry, ceramics, prints, wood carvings, wovens, lighting: all handmade in France. Lots to think about and begin to incorporate into our design thinking.