One of the things I have wanted to do for several years is
attend a language session of ParlerParis. As many of you know, I am always,
always trying to improve my French! I love the language, started learning it in
school at age 10, took it through one year of college, and then dropped it

About 8 years ago I started up again. I took one course at
our high school, which led to meeting my local “Franco-American” group, then to
meeting my friend Lisa from Toulouse (who is married to an American), to being
invited to “join” an even smaller group of French speakers who meet monthly for
lunch, to befriending another French couple who were here for just two years,
to studying with a tutor for 3 years, to traveling to France (almost) every
year, to my present state of dedicated Francophile! 

At the start of this journey I somehow came upon the

You will see their language group under “parler parlor”, and
the once a month networking group under “après-midi”. So yes, I went to one
language group while there and just loved it! You speak French for 45 minutes,
then English for 45 (there are native French speakers who want to learn
English..). Of course, everyone else either lives in Paris, full or part time, or is there for an
extended time. Someday, someday that will be me too!

Here I am, both in “class”, and with Adrian Leeds, the
founder of the group:

Me & Adrian


Then, there is the “après-midi” group:  a casual get together and a very
nice “service” to those ex-pats living in Paris.

It really showed me, in talking to several  people there, the many ways one can make it
work i.e. spending more time in Paris!

Yes, this is me:


If anyone would like more information about this group, or want to ask me questions, please feel free to contact me. I would be more than happy to discuss.. I would say, that to participate in the parler parlor “classes” one should be at an intermediate or above level in the language; you just do get more out of it that way.