It’s called Le Provencal and yes, it looks it! Bright, sunny colors: all shades of yellow, reds, burnt orange, green make for the most cheerful space. Here is the entrance:

First, the door to the street:
Blue Door

And here’s the locked gate/entrance to the courtyard:


The courtyard: we are on the third floor:
Courtyard x2

And this, courtesy of Adrian Leeds:
Here are some shots of the interior: (again, courtesy of Adrian Leeds)
Look at this wonderful mosaic work! She has it in the kitchen, the bathroom, and the small table in the main room. It’s very effective in both holding the colors together and in conveying the wonderful sense of Provence.
All of Paris 158

The shower:
All of Paris 159

Table detail:

All of Paris 163

And, here is the dinner we had the first night in Le Provencal!

All of Paris 033

All of Paris 034