All about COLOR! This was a presentation this morning as part of the New York International Gift Show, and put on by IFDA: International Furnishings and Design Association. Speakers were from Veranda magazine and Design-Options.

The many and diverse influences on color today are:

  • Eco-Conscious Living/Organic
  • Luxe Life/Victorian flavor
  • Royal Statement
  • Tribal Quest/Global
  • Red Hot
  • Romance
  • Retro
  • Pop
  • Runway Fashions

And, as to color: well, it is really an all-encompassing list, but right at the top is RED !!!!!!

See the Neiman Marcus catalog: it’s RED that tops the list for fashion.

And it’s RED that is seen in Veranda’s newest fall issue:


And more RED:


Yes, there are many other colors on the quite near horizon!

Black & White
Gray: replacing brown perhaps?
wonderful when paired with burnt orange/rust
blue-grays to charcoal
Orange Zest: this has moved into the coral range, away from a “real” orange
Yellow: mix with black or gray
Blue: a perennial favorite. Aqua seems to be waning, but periwinkle and turquoise are gaining.
Green: yes, the citron is still very popular. Combine with black for contemporary look.

    The new issue of House & Garden has some really wonderful COLOR ideas: I’ll report on those tomorrow!