Well, this is truly the very first Clematis flower I have had! I planted this very small plant over two years ago, almost dug it up entirely after a big snow storm last winter, and have been nursing it ever since. As you can see, I put this wonderful old rusted trellis behind it, and both are against a high wooden fence. Didn’t really think I’d see any flower until next spring/summer!

And then, much to my amazement, I realized, YOU CAN TEACH AN OLD DOG NEW TRICKS! I have been frustrated with my digital camera in that I wasn’t able to zoom in very close to an object: it would get fuzzy if I came in more than about three feet. Well, I finally got out the direction booklet, and realized ‘ah yes’ there is a button right there to enable close-up zooming…. in fact, within three inches! So, voila, I am set. No need for a new camera I guess!

Here is the result of my new “trick”:

Clematis #1

Clematis #2