Two more weeks until I leave! I’ve been doing more research on line, printing out various schedules, “plan d’access”, ideas for shopping, restaurants, walking tours. One of my very favorite websites/blogs isParlerParis. I have been following Adrian Leeds for maybe five years now..

And, finally, I will meet her. We have rented an apartment through ParlerParis, “Le Provencal”. Oh so charming…. in the 4th Arrondisement, the Marais.

And, I have wanted to go to one of their conversation groups, held several times a week, or another one held only the second Tuesday of each month. And yes, I WILL be there for that one! Just can’t wait. I will post pictures of the event, for sure. I am forever trying to improve my French: I worked with a private tutor here for several years, now I take a class at least one semester a year, I am a member of our “Franco-American Group”, have cultivated French friends here, one in particular who is from Toulouse and married to an American.

What is it about the French language? Well, for me, it just does seem very “familiar”. I feel at home. I tried Italian and just got nowhere. I started Fench in grammar school, and continued through one year at college. Then, I dropped it completely. Now , I can’t get enough!

Here are a few pictures of France: no, not Paris… but the South.

Me enlarged Me in Lavendercropped L
Shopping the marche’ in Nyons.
Oh the colors!

This was cutting the very end of what was left of the lavender; by September the season is long over.

Here, at the “moulin d’Alphonse Daudet”.

We had just finished reading “Lettres de Mon Moulin” de Daudet, and I was dying to see the actual site. It is a real destination in France and to the French. Located in Fontvielle, just outside St. Remy, it attracts tourists and literary followers from all over. Hot, dry, dusty, rugged country here. Fabulous!