Finally, there are lots of very good local, farmer’s markets in the Hudson Valley! Even the New York Times has been up here, visiting and photographing.

My personal favorites are Millbrook and Rhinebeck. In Millbrook, on Saturdays, you can find my friend Kate Weiner, in her booth “The Art of the Tart: Rustic Tarts in the French Style”.  All are fabulous: Kate, the booth, and her tarts! She shops locally and seasonally: from asparagus in the early summer, to berries, to peaches, to this weekend:

“Tarts this week are apricot poached in saffron syrup; apple; blueberry with lemon zest; mirabelle plums (the golden kind) poached in sweet marsala; pissaladière (onion) with or without anchovy.” (This from her weekly email, sent today..)


 Next is the Rhinebeck Farmers Market on Sundays. Here, for me, is the luxury of so many different kinds of lettuces, arugula, bitter mustard greens, watercress. Mix those with homemade mozzarella and add some local tomotoes, shuck some local corn, and you have one of the best dinners