Sitting here at the airport after a long… day at the Atlanta GiftMart. Here is a shot of a booth I just happened to walk by early in the day and had SUCH great color! AHS Lighting. Plus, I just love their lamps and want to buy some for my house! Fabulous. In my short minutes here at Harsfield, I can’t find a website for this company, but will investigate later and let you know. They very kindly let me take some pictures: I’ll post two more when I do a real “wrap-up” of the show.

Lamos 1

In short, the show did seem slow; however, certain floors, and booths, and building seemed to be busier than others. No real rhyme or reason, but I will say there were sections of the show that were just empty.Traffic picked up during the day, and the general opinion is that tomorrow, Saturday, will be busier. Well, I’m on my way home so won’t know for sure!