I’ve been wanting to write a post about France, the French, Paris, the new book “Fait Main”, or really anything to do avec la France…. 

I also, finally, looked up the difference between “francophile” and “francophone”. The former is” a person who has a strong interest in, or admiration for French culture”. The latter, a francophone, is “one who speaks French, whether individual or a group.”

Then in today’s New York Times, there appeared a wonderful story about a French bakery in New Hampshire! Yes, in Colebrook, N.H. I’ve never been to Colebrook, but now I just might have to go! And only to buy the bread! Take a look at the story here.
The second story of note today is President Obama’s interview yesterday with the French television station. “France is one of the most important countries in the world” he said. I AGREE!
Thought I would post just a few photos of the south of France:

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