Detail of the Day

Do you have favorite everyday objects that you adore? Maybe you don’t really “see” them each day; they have become part of your “landscape”. You use them—or maybe you don’t—but they are THERE. They are part of what you see everyday. You ARE aware of what you are seeing each day, aren’t you?

This blog is subtitled “An Eye for Detail” so, of course, I DO concentrate on the large and small details of my world! I guess it’s fair to say that just about each and every item in my house has been chosen, edited and placed with lots of thought!!!

Look at the picture to the right here: it is a small cream pitcher. Simple but very colorful. Then, there is the small square dish that I bought at the same time. (Yes, these are from Dieulefit, France) I’ve used it for everything from olives to chutney to hand soap. I like the colors of these two items; but then I also like the simple lines. Details.

Second item(s): Again, these are simple and straight forward but oh those colors! I am so afraid one of these is going to break some day! The cream pitcher pours beautifully. The sugar bowl has a nice slot for the silver spoon. They fit easily on a tray to take tea or coffee out to the terrace. Details.

I’ll do more on “details” in future posts. Do you have any to share?

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