Oh so many colors to choose from! There’s PINK. Then ORANGE or CORAL. Then YELLOW. And of course BLUE.

Here are some synonyms for the color BLACK: strong, sophisticated, mysterious. And, here are some for PINK: glow, love, and now: “couture”. Put them together and you will see a lot of sophisticated color.

Pink will be seen all over in men’s wear for Fall ’09; from ties to shirts to yes, socks!

It is already, of course, in women’s wear: think Lilly Pulitzer and Vera Bradley.

Stationery Trends Magazine shows lots of pink in both the Winter 2009 and Spring 2009 “Fresh Picks” section.

And one of my favorite sites for COLOR COLOR AND MORE COLOR is Maine Cottage. They do a really wonderful job not only in presentation, but the quality of their furniture and fabrics is of the highest standard. Wish I could afford some of that furniture! Take a look at the slide presentation “Finding Rhubarb”; you will not be disappointed!

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