I am often asked the question: “how do you know what colors to use” or “where do you all get your color ideas from” or “you’re just guessing when you tell us what colors will be ‘in’, right?”

No, none of the above. Color evolves. Color in home decoration, whether as product design or interior use, is a process. As a color “person” and an avid color follower, I look at all the trade has to offer.

Pantone has a wonderful website which is constantly updated. You can look at color palettes from other designers and subscribers, add your own palette, see many links and get a feel for the “story” of color.

Another very good site is:The Color Association of America; At this moment the opening image is nail polish! Fashion, yes, but it will translate to home and home products very quickly. The time lag is becoming shorter and shorter.

Then, there is color from “real life”. A wonderful source of color ideas, through the ages, has been flowers. These are some from my garden; they just happen to be some very popular colors in contemporary design. Take a look.

Nasturtium 1
Evening Primrose 1

Poppy 2

Lithrum 2