Here I am! Working in the booth, #343, at the Surtex Show. I’m with a customer (name withheld!) choosing designs for her presentation to a retailer.

The booth looked great and DID attract many new customers. Of course, like everyone else there, we want to do an even better presentation next year! It never seems quite…… good enough.
The number of booths, both at Surtex and the Stationary Show, was definitely down. However, there was a LOT of business taking place. Very reassuring! I was disappointed that we didn’t see some familiar faces, either in coming by our booth, or they were no longer showing at Stationary. On the other hand, we met so many new people with the potential for much new, exciting business.
We are all pleased at the reaction we received with so many of our new collections. One in particular, finished just the day before the show, was a real winner! Way to go, right?

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