Here is another, really GREAT trip in the New York City area: Storm King Sculpture Park in Mountainville, NY (about an hour north of the city). This photo is from The New York Times.
Just this month a really fantastic, unusual exhibit opened: Maya Lin’s “Wavefield”, an open air exhibit described by the New York Times as “where the ocean meets the mountains”. Occupying eleven acres in the verdant Hudson Valley, these undulating hills resemble ocean waves. They were molded and “sculpted”, and are now almost fully green. One can sort of look over them, and thus see them all, or walk between the “waves” and almost get lost, and have a feeling of total isolation.
Maya Lin is known, more than anything else, for her Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. This she designed while still a graduate student at Yale.
So, if you can possibly get here, it is worth the drive and time. A most unusual “day trip”!

And, while up in this direction, stop in at DIA Beacon. This oversize museum is housed in what was built as the Nabisco factory, was then owned by International Paper Co. who then donated the building to DIA.

Beacon is also a fun stop to go antiquing, browsing, “market shopping” for local crafts, and of course, eating!

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