It was an absolutely gorgeous day! and off we went for a picnic and tour of Storm King Sculpture Park. 

We went mainly to see the Maya Lin exhibit “Wavefield”, but there is oh so much more to see here. Be prepared to walk A LOT. There is a tram service, but the walking is through such wonderful open spaces, gravel paths, along the stone wall, by the ponds and on and on that you will want to take adavantage of it. 

Our day was just perfect. Not too hot, yet dry and sunny. Wavefield is “an organic living artwork”: the grasses and clover have started to grow and will be allowed to sort of “go wild”. The grass is long. The clover is sweet. Animals have dug holes to live in! The field is best viewed, to start, from the top of the hill. The overview is spectacular. The actual “hills” are, well, rougher and more trench-like, than we had expected. It is a very different perspective when you get down and in them. 

The Goldsworthy Stone Wall is really spectacular. Long and winding, through the pond, up and down hills, around trees, it was built by six men in something like two weeks! The park had gathered up all the stones from around the entire property and brought them, on pallets, to the site. 

So…. go and see for yourself and enjoy this most wonderful “museum park”.

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