How nice to leave the cold, gray East Coast! Here are just a few shots of the desert near Palm Springs, California. Hot and sunny… and, then, a view looking out at the Pacific from the hotel. The sky is so BLUE. The desert was fascinating, and I had no idea there were mountains, yes 10,000 feet mountains, coming right down to the flat desert. In the center of Palm Springs, once a month, is an outdoor art show. Lots of blown glass, wood carvings, paintings reminiscent of Keith Haring, and then, one wonderful, really talented photographer. A very special man with a background in painting who has been doing only photography for ten years. That was a special treat to see.

So: color is indeed alive and well. Even in this economy. We all NEED color. We all NEED pattern and design. Really, I think it is an element of our lives that is necessary. In the design field, of course, we are surrounded by it and we create it, but everyone benefits.

If you ever have a chance, take a look at the French craft magazine, Marie Claire Idees. It is one of our all time favorite sources of ideas, both design and color. As someone said, “it must be so much fun to work there!”

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