A freezing cold day in New York City, and we went to the Museum of the  City of New York to see the Paris/New York exhibit. 

There were, as you can see, wonderful fashion exhibits; the black coat, looking SO  contemporary, has wonderful skyscrapers printed on the wide cuffs. And, all the dresses, especially a very simple linen one, could be worn today. 

I couldn’t photograph my very favorite exhibit due to the reflective glass of the case. They were silver serving pieces from the first class dining room of the Normandie cruise ship. There is a salt and pepper set, both round spheres, the salt larger than the pepper, with the Normandie logo engraved on the top, around the holes. And the tea and coffee pots have such wonderful, flowing lines. 

Also at the Museum is another wonderful exhibit of photographs taken by Eudora Welty. Before her literary career began, and flourished, she was a photographer…. these are photos of New York in the midst of the Depression, and then a really special series of the deep South. If you have a chance, I recommend going to both these exhibits!

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