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It's almost time to travel! How exciting is that? Almost two years since many of us have REALLY traveled. The car trip: yes. Overseas travel: no. It's about to change! I go tomorrow for my pre-flight Covid test and, if all goes well, will board a plane from here to Atlanta and then to Heathrow. Can you stand the excitement? Where am I going you may ask? To London and then to Manchester. While in London I will (of course) spend time at several art exhibits;  go to the V&A;  ride the Thames River boat down to Putney to see friends; and finally, on the last day, go to The Chelsea Flower Show I've wanted to do this for several years...had a ticket for last year (and we all know what happened to that) and finally when the show was postponed from May to September this year, 2021, it all became possible. So stay tuned and yes, I will be posting while I'm there. But even better, follow me on Instagram for daily travel photos. If you do not have the app, you can just go over to the right here and click on a photo in that IG grid. It will take you right to the IG app. And... last but most importantly... I will finally get to see and stay in my [...]

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Oh, I know. It's been many months! So here we are. All of us at home; some of us are beginning to emerge. How are you doing? The weeks turned into months and now..well..maybe you are socializing just a bit? I have a collection of masks: do you? I wear one always; not always color coordinated, but that's life! I do generally find them hot, oh so hot, and awkward and naturally I would prefer not to wear one. I'm sure you have your own source(s) for masks, but here are several I would recommend:   This is my #1 choice from Jillian Rene Decor! Sophisticated, contemporary, unisex, well made. I just discovered this one and really like it. All cotton. And, no ear loops. It comes in different sizes. I find these with the elastic bands are very comfortable. All cotton, and no ear loops! This is from Proper Cloth My husband and I both love the gaiter mask option. They are very comfortable, easy to slide down when you don't need to wear, fully washable and somehow not as cumbersome. This one found on Etsy at MyEcoWorld I know….I haven’t sent out a blog post since November of 2019. That seems like years ago but then again, it seems like yesterday! Just in case you haven't [...]

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London in November: will it be cold? rainy? sunny? It is anyone's guess! So best to be prepared for any kind of weather, right? I am very fortunate to be able to stay with my daughter in her flat: you know how that saves on the emergency sweater (sorry...jumper!) , hair dryer, lotions and potions etc. Last year I was there in early October and every day was glorious! No rain at all. My day at Great Dixter was so beautiful. But this year, a month later, could be quite different. The coat. Nordstrom Rack  I can't believe how perfect this coat is! Perfect length. Zipper works very well but it also has snaps. The hood zips off but is great as is. Nice pockets. For $99.00 it is a definite WIN! P.S. I ordered a Medium although I am usually a Small. Reviewers said it ran a bit small; the Medium is perfect.   How about a nice cozy sweater in tunic style? I love tunics of all kinds; I am not tall, measuring barely 5'4", and I always feel a longer tunic makes me look a bit taller and just works well for my body type. And, most importantly, I feel good in them. They also look so great with any kind of leggings...my pant of choice! This one is [...]

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This one pot recipe for lentil soup might be the best ever! I do not know where it comes from...so apologies to the author for no credit. Really, I can't remember how I came upon it about year ago. But everything goes in ONE POT! No browning the onions first, no garlic slowly simmered. Just chop the ingredients, measure the olive oil and balsamic vinegar and put it all into the pot.   LENTIL SOUP: A ONE-POT RECIPE   Print 15 mins 1 hour 1 hour 15 mins   If you're not crazy about the tarteness of vinegar, then go easy on the white balsamic here. I like Colavita..and like the full amount! But you can always add it in. Author: Libby via Epicurious Recipe type: Soup Cuisine: Vegan Serves: 2-3 quarts Ingredients 1¼ cups French green lentils 12 oz. crushed tomatoes (I like Pomi brand) 2 onions,chopped 2 cloves garlic, chopped 1 bay leaf ½ cup white balsamic vinegar ½ cup olive oil ½ tsp. thyme 3 carrots, peeled and diced 3 celery stalks, diced red pepper flakes to taste Instructions Put all ingredients together into one pot. Add about six cups chicken broth. Bring to boil, then simmer for an hour, uncovered. Lentils should still be a bit crunchy, but not mushy. This freezes very well! 3.5.3251     So good and [...]

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It was time for another travel adventure..so off we went to Coastal North Carolina No, not a beach, but Pamlico Sound and the historic towns of Washington, Bath and Belhaven. Our room was right on the water (it was actually in a marina) so we had these gorgeous views:   Our adventures took place around these towns:   Let's talk about the cotton fields. We had seen a bit of cotton grown on the way to Savannah and Charleston but NEVER anything on this scale.There were fields and fields, as far as the eye could see, filled with puffy white cotton balls. It was HOT out there. We stopped several times to get a closeup look at the plants, the bolls, and the process. I had never, ever really seen or known just how awful it would be to go out in those fields day after day. Back breaking and soul breaking work. Now, of course, it is all picked by machine. But I cannot imagine picking by hand: the plants and bolls are rough and ragged, the soil is parched and overgrown with weeds and the sun. Well, the heat and sun were almost unbearable to us after ten minutes out there. Just by these towns, if you look on the map above, is Terra Ceia Farms I have ordered from [...]

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My new favorite perennial (for autumn) is: Helianthus salicifolius 'Low Down' Look at all that brilliant yellow! These plants are now about 18" tall and, knowing I just planted them in April, I am amazed. Most perennials take a year or two really develop, but these have taken off. They are in full sun and receive water from my watering system every other morning for about 45 minutes. We've had a very VERY hot and dry summer and they have flourished. Above, with the Scabiosa Black Knight behind them   Here, looking glorious with the dark red dahlias!

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